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RiverCruise 23 - Sloep huren in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
RiverCruise 23

The RiverCruise 23 is an agile, seaworthy sloop with a powerful engine and excellent sailing characteristics. In this sloop, you can sail at leisure over the small and large waterways in the Frisian Lakes region.

Spacious, agile sloop for 8 to 10 peopleSuitable for the Frisian LakesNo boating licence required

RiverCruise 23 kampeersloep - sloep huren in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
RiverCruise 23 Camper Sloop

At 7.05 x 2.65 x 0.60 m, the RiverCruise 23 Camper Sloop is the perfect size for water trips through Friesland in the day and to accommodate up to four people at night. The camper sloop is fitted with a counter, fridge, sink and 2-burner spirit stove.

Camping on the waterSuitable for 4 peopleNo boating licence requiredGreat, charming enjoyment of all the great places on and around the water

RiverCruise 26 - Sloep huren in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
RiverCruise 26

This powerful and robust sloop will sail you and your group in safety and comfort while you all enjoy the Frisian waterscape. The excellent sailing performance of the boat is making it easy to manoeuvre in small docks and narrow canals.

No boating licence requiredSits low, comfortable for all passengersVery spacious and seaworthy boat for 10 to 12 passengers

RiverCruise 27 Tender

The RiverCruise 27 Tender accommodates more than 12 people, so it is ideal for sailing with larger groups. Less experienced skippers can easily sail this sloop thanks to the bow thruster, which makes manoeuvring and mooring child’s play.

Very spacious sloop for 12 peopleThe fully-enclosable top means you can sail in comfort, whatever the weather decides to do.Includes radio with USBNo boating licence required

RiverCruise 20

The RiverCruise 20, a compact sloop fitted with an outboard engine, offers excellent sailing characteristics. Onboard this sloop, you can relax on the Frisian Lakes, and sail through narrow canals while enjoying the idyllic Frisian landscape.

Compact, agile sloop for 4-6 personsSuitable for the small Frisian LakesNo boating licence required

Vlet 650

The Vlet 650 is a great little boat fitted with a classic diesel engine. It is ideal for lovely trips on the Frisian lakes with a small group of up to 4 passengers. The bow of the Vlet 650 is fitted with a hood with sun bed. The seats have a luxurious set of cushions.

Compact, agile cruiser for 4 passengersSuitable for the Frisian LakesNo boating licence required


The console boat is a fine stable boat with an outboard motor in order to enjoy the Frisian lakes with a small group.

Compact, maneuverable boat for 4 personsSuitable for the Frisian LakesNo boating licence required


If you want to get to know Friesland from the water, then renting a boat from Ottenhome in the Frisian water sports village of Heeg is a great start. A sloop can easily sail through small villages and even the smallest canals, accompanied by ducks, coots and hangers-on. Larger towns and cities can also be visited in one of our luxury sloops. Mooring at Waterpoort in Sneek

Sail under the branches dangling over the water as you meander through the Gaasterland woods, or explore the open waters of Heegermeer or Fluessen. Your fun on the water starts as soon as you rent a sloop.

Rent a sloop in Friesland for ALL-OUT FUN ON THE WATER!

Book a comfortable RiverCruise sloop online right now!

We at Ottenhome Heeg have beautiful sloops at your disposal for daily, weekend, or weekly rental; RiverCruise sloops. These have everything you need on board for a week exploring Friesland from the water. Different models and sizes are available, such as:

  • Rent the RiverCruise 23 Sloop in Friesland
  • Rent the RiverCruise 23 Camper Sloop in Friesland
  • Rent the RiverCruise 26 Sloop in Friesland
  • Rent the RiverCruise 26 Admiral Sloop in Friesland
  • Rent the RiverCruise 27 Tender in Friesland

The boats are distinguished by their beautiful, classic lines, excellent sailing characteristics, and comfortable interiors. The RiverCruise looks similar to the famous captain sloop, and you’ll feel proud to be seen in it as you sail around Friesland. The other great thing is that they can be rented online.

Interested in a different type of boat?

Would you rather sail with the wind, or have the assistance of an engine in a different type of boat? Then choose one of Ottenhome Heeg’s sailing boats or motorboats.

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