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Oostvaarder Kotter - Motorboot huren - Ottenhome Heeg 2
Oostvaarder Kotter 10.90 OK

A really nice holiday cutter, with sleek traditional lines, perfect sailing characteristics, and all the comfort you could wish for. This motorboat is begging to be taken on a long trip, either in the Netherlands or further afield.

Inside and outside steeringNo boating licence requiredSuitable for Frisian lakes, & IJsselmeerCompletely refitted in 2016

Barkas 1100 C

The sailing performance of this boat is more than excellent, and it also offers the skipper a very good all-round view. This motorboat is ideal for long trips in the Netherlands and beyond.

Excellent sailing characteristicsNo boating licence requiredSuitable for the Frisian Lakes & IJsselmeer

Valk Cruiser 1200 AK - Motorboot Rental in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
Valk Cruiser 1200 AK

Spacious boat for 6 people with an unusually large rear cabin, which can be closed completely with a canvas top. The Valk Kruiser 1200 is ideal for longer trips across the Frisian Lakes or the IJsselmeer. With a helmsman’s position both inside and outside, the pilot will be comfortable no matter what the weather.

Very spacious rear deckInside and outside helmsman's positionNo boating licence needed

Harderwijk Cruiser 10.50 AK - Motorboot Rental in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
Harderwijk Cruiser 10.50 AK

Spacious holiday ship for 4-6 people with a spacious, fully lockable aft cabin. This ship is ideal for a wonderfully relaxed boating holiday on the Frisian Lakes.

Spacious aft cabin with 2 sleeping placesCovered wheelhouse with large sliding roofLicense free

Linssen Dutch Sturdy - Motorboot Rental in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
Linssen 380 Dutch Sturdy AC

This yacht is particularly suitable for longer trips, and thus for beautiful long sailing holidays in the Netherlands or other European countries with many waterways.

Very spacious designed motoryachtInterior and exterior controlsNo boating licence required

Klompmaker Kotter – *New*

This spacious luxury yacht has lots of space and an attractive interior. With three cabins, two toilets and two showers, this is the ideal boat for families.

Very spacious holiday ship with three cabinsLarge convertible tent covering the entire aft deck, including heatingNo boating licence required

RiverCruise 31 Cabrio WS - Motorboot huren in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg 2
RiverCruise 31 Cabrio

The RiverCruise 31 Cabrio with windscreen combines the comfort and sailing characteristics of a luxury yacht with all the capabilities of a resilient sloop. Comfortable accommodation for 2 to 4 passengers.

Very low vertical clearance: 2.40 mNo boating licence requiredSuitable for the Frisian Lakes and IJsselmeer

Oostvaarder Kotter 9.50 OK

A classic, no-nonsense holiday cutter, which is great for enjoying a boat trip in good company.

Low vertical clearanceNo boating licence requiredSuitable fot the Frisian lakes and IJsselmeer

RiverCruise 35 -Motorboat rental - Ottenhome Heeg
RiverCruise 35

At 10.6 m long and 3.75 m wide, the RiverCruise 35 has sufficient space for 5 people to move freely. The interior of this sporty and stylish motor yacht is very spacious, luxuriously furnished and fully equipped, making it perfect for the whole family.

Every comfort on boardShower, electric toilet, and complete kitchen with oven and fridgeNo boating licence requiredSuitable for the Frisian Lakes & IJsselmeer

RiverCruise 35 Cabin Launch - Motorboat rental in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
RiverCruise 35 Cabin Launch

Do you enjoy sailing in style, and do you like to be seen on the water? Rent the RiverCruise 35 Cabin Launch. It is extremely comfortable, great to sail in, and above all stylish.

Stylish, classic, and no boating licence requiredSpacious sun deck and bathing platformSuitable for the Frisian Lakes and IJsselmeer,

Linssen Grand Sturdy - Motorboot Rental in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
Linssen Grand Sturdy 29.9 Sedan

Sail along the most beautiful waterways to Friesland’s most beloved villages in this beautiful boat. The clearance is only 2.50 metres, so this yacht can take you everywhere.

Low vertical clearance: 2.50 mWith bow- and stern thruster No boating licence requiredSuitable for the Frisian Lakes & IJsselmeer

Motoryacht rental in Friesland - Reline 1150 - Ottenhome Heeg
Re-Line 1150

Classic boat with a first-class captain’s cabin. The stylish interior and beautiful materials & finish are a treat for the eyes. Ideal for two couples, or a family with children. Complete with all mod-cons and all the technology you’d expect.

Spacious ship for the whole familyNo boating license requiredStylish, luxurious interior

Luxe motorboot huren in Friesland - Ottenhome Heeg
Vri-Jon Contessa 1200

Spacious boat for four to six people, with a real first-class captain’s cabin. Notable for its beautiful interior. Fitted with hydraulic bow thruster and stern thruster.

Stylisch, luxurious interiorVery spacious cabinsIdeal for extended sailing holidaysNo boating license required


Rent a motorboat with or without a boating license in Friesland

Ottenhome Heeg’s motor yachts were designed especially for you. Extremely comfortable, and easy to operate. You will find everything on board that you’d expect to find at home. We’ve listed lots of sailing routes, which you’ll find on board. You do not require a boating licence to rent our motorboats.

Rent RiverCruise motorboats in Friesland

RiverCruise 31 Cabrio WS
The RiverCruise 31 Cabrio WS motorboat is a compact vessel with space for 2 to 4 people. This graceful and sleek motor yacht is very agile and easy to steer, which makes mooring simple. The cosy cockpit contains everything you need for a pleasant sailing holiday: shower, toilet, stove and fridge.
More info on the RiverCruise 31 Cabrio WS

RiverCruise 35
Would you like to rent a motorboat for a longer holiday in Friesland? Then the highly popular RiverCruise 35 is an ideal option. The boat is very spacious, and has room for 2 to 5 people. Inside, there is a large shower room, toilet, a roomy kitchen and plenty of cupboard space. Perfect holiday accommodation. The boat can rotate around its axis in either direction, and is easy to sail, moor, and keep on course. No boating licence required. More info on the RiverCruise 35

RiverCruise 35 Cabin Launch
The RiverCruise 35 Cabin Launch is also ideal for a sailing holiday for 2 to 4 people. This retro yacht features lots of highly-varnished wood, and has a luxurious, upmarket appearance. You will only find comfort on board this yacht, and feel safe wherever you sail, even on the IJsselmeer and Wadden mudflats. No boating licence? No problem, none needed. More info on the RiverCruise 35 Cabin Launch

Oostvaarder 10.90 OK
A really nice holiday boat with attractive traditional lines, perfect sailing characteristics, and all the comfort you could wish for; this is the Oostvaarder 10.90 OK in a nutshell. The low clearance height allows you to sail the most beautiful routes without experiencing problems due to low bridges.
The Oostvaarder 10.90 always looks great on Dutch waterways with its no-nonsense appearance. No boating licence required. More info on the Oostvaarder Kotter 10.90

If you’d rather rent a different type of boat in Friesland,
we’ve got a great range of options. Take a look at our yachts and fleet of sloops.

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